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PPM stands for “Project and Portfolio Management”. It is considered a management strategy that assesses potential projects and uses that assessment to prioritize and implement projects.

Adopting PPM helps to drive better business decisions and ultimately achieve the organization’s operational and financial objectives.

Microsoft PPM is available as Project Server (on-premises) or as Project Online (on cloud). Both are fully integrated with SharePoint and other third party systems.

Project360 is an efficient portfolio and project management platform that can be integrated with our intuitive strategy management product: Strategy360 that focuses on simplifying the process of strategy design, execution and control.

Project360 is fully built according to global best practices of PPM solution. It is PMI compliant. It is also aligned with ISO-21500 for project management.

Through Project360, you can manage organization's programs through multiple options.

- A Virtual Program: where the program is a virtual entity with no schedule/risks or issues of its own.

- A Physical Program: where the program is a physical entity with an independent schedule, risks and issues log.

- A Hybrid Program: which is a combination of Physical and Virtual approaches.

Project360 has efficient financial algorithms to calculate:
- Planned Total Cost
- Expected Total Cost
- Budget at Completion
- Cost Variance
- Cost Performance Index
- Cost Performance Indicator
- Cost Variance Performance Indicator
- Planned Invoiced
- Actual Invoiced
- Invoicing Performance Indicator
- Actual Paid
- Payment Performance Indicator
- Budget Performance Indicator and Earned Value

Project 360 applies modern techniques for better scheduling to calculate:
- Variance %
- Finish Variance %
- Start Variance %
- Planned Duration
- At Completion Duration
- Planned Complete %
- Progress Performance Indicator
- Estimate to Complete
- To-Complete Performance Index
- Duration Variance
- Schedule Performance Indicator
- Time Index

Project360 contains all related invoicing and payment data retrieved either from PPM or through integration with external party systems as follows:
- Actual Invoiced
- Actual Paid
- Paid %
- Invoiced %
- Payment Variance
- Payment Variance %
- Payment Performance Indicator
- Due Within Month

Yes, Project360 can be configured to apply SLAs with escalations on workflows’ tasks and send needed notifications. It is totally customized based on the organization standards.

Project360 has been built to be configurable to guarantee the right access to system users. A security matrix is installed based on the PMO structure and Organization Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) that will contain the security groups /categories/templates on the system.

Yes. Project360 caters for different projects types with different projects details and pre-defined schedule templates.

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