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Migration Nightmares are Over!

Leaper is a digital migration tool that helps you switch from SharePoint to Sitecore in minutes through easy, accurate and fast migration steps.

Digitalize Migration

Automatically detect, create, maps and populate the new Sitecore website with correctly migrated information structure and content.

Pick Full or Partial Migration

No matter what data size or structure of your content, Leaper enables you to select what to migrate and what not to migrate.

Migrate Everything

Migrate website structure and content including site structure, columns, content types, list schema, files, list content, page content and more.

Monitor Migration Quality

See migrated elements immediately in Sitecore new website. Enjoy the way information structure and content is preserved.

Ensure Business Continuity

Enable fast migration in the background with minimal downtime of your current public-facing SharePoint-based website, if needed.

End-to-End Migration Services

Ensure that all aspects of your migration journey from SharePoint to Sitecore are covered starting from planning till execution and support.

Pre-Migration Audit

Audit your environment and generate detailed, reports on your SharePoint architecture, data size, users, workflows, site activity levels & lots more.

Migration Planning

Create your migration plan into Sitecore, select elements to migrate, decide on real-time or scheduled migration batches, determine needed mappings, plot UI and technical customizations in Sitecore.

Migration and Implementation

Create Sitecore website, set the migration paths from SharePoint, run Leaper and move old structure and content with full fidelity.

Migration Monitoring

Monitor your migration status and adjust your configurations as needed to solve issues and ensure high data fidelity.

Custom-Transformation Services

Customize your Sitecore website with new UI, components and more. We provide ready-made components that will help you get up and running with your new Sitecore experience including analytics, eCommerce, AI and more

Sitecore Support

We support you post Sitecore implementation to ensure your new brand is up and running online efficiently and effectively.

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