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Switch from SharePoint to Sitecore in Minutes!

Migrate your SharePoint portal's information structure and content into Sitecore in minutes. Ensure the efficiency, accuracy and integrity of the transition.

Automate Migration with Leaper

For a smooth, cost-effective transition

One Digital Leap

No need to repeat the information architecture planning and content investments you made in SharePoint.

Fast & Easy Migration

An easy-to-use tool that drastically cuts migration time and removes all complexities associated with manual and semi-digital migration.

Full-Fidelity Migration

Ensure smooth, correct and accurate migration; with no information structure mess or data loss during transfer.

Business as Usual

Your online presence on SharePoint will be intact till the migration journey ends; and even afterwards if you need. So, no business interruptions and only minimal downtime.

New Portal Focus

Put your effort in your new Sitecore portal. Continue your information and content development plans directly in Sitecore. No need to keep your old SharePoint website post migration.

All Data Migration

No matter what data size or structure of your content, Leaper enables you to migrate the whole set in shortest possible time.

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