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Run Smarter Events and Programs

EventEX is a Dynamics 365-based platform that creates an efficient, standardized and professional approach to manage the entire lifecycle of events.

Spark Excitement

Showcase the hype with professional events that spark customer engagement, increase brand reach, and generate profits.

Central Event Management

Digitalize the entire event lifecycle with all its fine details starting from planning, scheduling, speaker booking, sponsor allocation, customer registrations, ticketing, coordination, monitoring and more.

Manage Events Workflow

Use built-in tools and processes to automate all event-related workflows and approval processes. Simply configure recurrent events (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) without the hassle of repeated work.

Provide Seamless Registration

Enable a smooth, user-friendly registration experience for your staff & attendees on web and on mobile.

Enable Dynamic Ticketing

Provide intelligent ticketing with capabilities of confirmations, cancellations and updates. Track tickets capacity versus selling rates.

Send Notifications & Alerts

Always keep in touch with your event attendees by sending configurable notifications templates and reminders.

Digitalize Check-Ins

Reduce customer queues by enabling quick and contactless tickets check-ins using EventEX mobile app.

Track Customer Attendance

Review attendance history of each contact including events attended & tickets generated. Understand customer preferences to upsell and build stronger relationships.

Establish Financial Control

Monitor every aspect of your events with full data analytics and insights on reports and dashboards to ensure your KPIs are being met and your costs are under control.

Manage Vendors and Sponsors

Easily manage vendors, track their activities and financial details.

Integrate with Tech Landscape

Easily integrate your event management function on your website, with financial systems and others digital solutions within your business.

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