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Achieve Events Leadership

Automate and simplify end-to-end event planning, execution and analysis with an easy-to-use Dynamics 365 based event management software. Create hype, attract audience, and lead the market.

Transform into an Events Beacon

To deliver memorable, measurable and profitable experiences.

Fulfil Events Vision

Expand your business capabilities with limitless number of events to audience in different industries such as sports, tourism, entertainment, government, medical or more.

Conduct Professional Events

Manage the entire lifecycle of the event from planning, scheduling, speakers, sponsors, ticketing, coordination, monitoring and more.

Start Selling in Minutes

Populate your event seats by providing your audience with intelligent ticketing online and on mobile.

Drive Engaging Experiences

Provide digital event registrations, booking and cancelling tickets, payments and contactless tickets check-ins.

Know Your Audience

Review the attendance history of each contact including events attended & tickets generated. Plan for intelligent upselling opportunities and great relationships.

Measure Your Success

Keep track of your events progress costs & ROI with intelligent data analytics and insights to support executive decisions.

What’s New

Financial Tracking

Ability to track event expenses & income.

Ticket Cancellation

Enabling the cancellation of generated tickets.

Registration Approval

Control event registration by having a configurable registration approval step.

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