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Modernize End-to-End Census Journeys

CountBig - Census is an intelligent census platform that radically transforms the way organizations design, execute and monitor their surveys; no matter how complex they are.

Geographical Areas Definition

Define the geographical areas on which the census will run. Add locations of every area to be visited to be displayed on the tablets of enumerators during data collection.

Define Geographical Areas

Survey Design

Use CountBig Backend Portal to create unlimited number of surveys easily. Organize survey to include more than one form. Each form can be divided to a number of question groups and each question group can hold a set of questions.

Data Collection

Collect data from anywhere using the Data Collection Tablet app even if there isn't any internet connection. The data is saved on the tablet's storage to be synchronized once the internet connection is available.

Approval Workflow

Ensure the validity of collected data by applying approval cycles. Supervisors can use the administrative backend portal or the tablet app to review collected data for approval or rejection.

Quality Control

Ensure correctness, coherence, and accuracy of collected data by running field and phone follow-up quality checks.

Reports & Dashboards

Check survey progress and results of collected data in real time. Track the progress of data collection, working hours and GIS locations of employees.

Collect, Validate and Analyze Data

Leverage CountBig CAPI, CAWI and CATI methodologies to make data collection easy, efficient and accurate.

Logic & Branching

Validate answers instantly and customize each respondent’s path based on their answers.


Acquire responses from a huge number of respondents through a responsive online web survey.

Phone Surveys

Conduct web-based phone surveys where phone interviewers can start collecting data from samples.

Information Banks

Reduce the time of survey design by reusing pre-defined surveys, questions, lists & regex.

Multilingual Surveys

Provide translation for survey questions and answers to expand your respondents base

Data Cleansing & Preparation

Create an optimized database for the collected data including survey's questions & answers to be used in advanced business intelligence tools.

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