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CountBig Empowers CAPMAS to Survey 100,000,000 People

CountBig is a comprehensive paperless, end-to-end platform that digitalizes nation-wide census and surveys. CAPMAS automated the end-to-end process of census where 44,000 agents surveyed Egypt’s population.

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End-to-End Solution

CountBig covers all census and survey data collection activities needed by statistical entities and governments including planning, piloting, collection, management, validation, cleansing, analyzing and reporting of data.

Data Security 

CountBig provides end-to-end data security, GDPR compliance, and compliance with SDMX standards to facilitate the exchange of statistical data and metadata among organizations.

Census & Surveys

CountBig empowers statisticians to perform any type of surveys or census such as housing, population, economic, agricultural, infrastructure, health and more. It provides robust capabilities for business users to customize surveys based on their business goals.

Why CountBig?

Comprehensive, Advanced Platform

Don't waste time and effort reinventing the wheel. CountBig utilizes the market’s statistical benchmarks in an up-to-date, digital and end-to-end solution.

Currently CountBig handles many national data collection missions in many countries, including house and population census of up to 100+ million residents.

Data Quality is the Key

In surveys that include only thousands of participants, keeping data quality might be easy. But when data collection involves tens of millions of participants, a tried and tested solution is required.

CountBig is designed to ensure quality of surveyed data. It supports data validation, online/offline modes, GIS, internal and external validations, survey versioning, field checks, call back checks, quality reports, and more.

Operations Management

Data collection at a national level involves a lot of hassles and challenges, and is usually time constrained. CountBig offers many data collection best practices and tools.

This includes enumerators and their supervisors’ structure plus the capability to monitor enumerators in real-time, enable supervisors review, approve workflows and produce productivity tracking reports. CountBig also utilizes a professional team specialized in supporting wide-range, digital data collection missions.

Dashboards and Reports

Alignment between huge teams involved in the census process is very critical; starting from top management to enumerators. That’s why CountBig is equipped with a large number of dashboards and reports for measuring operations productivity and visualizing data results. All dashboards and reports are segmented based on the hierarchy of responsibility. Also, CountBig exposes data in a simple structure to be utilized when building customized dashboards and reports.

Census Best Practices Approach

01 Administrative Register Phase
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Administrative Register Phase

Educational register, register of Buildings and Dwellings, Tax register, Labor register, Social security, Business register … etc.

02 Data Collection Preparation Phase
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Data Collection Preparation Phase

Define phases, Area definition, Demarcation, Survey design, Validations, Samples, Team structure

03 Data Collection Operations Phase
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Data Collection Operations Phase

Canvassing, CAPI, CATI, CAWI

04 Data Quality Control Phase
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Data Quality Control Phase

Approval workflows, Review sample, Callback, Quality report

05 Data Management Phase
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Data Management Phase

Data cleansing, Merge, Imputation, Analysis, Reports & dashboards

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General Abu Bakr Al-Gendy

CAPMAS President


Link Development team delivered us a powerful; integrated digital platform that allowed collecting big amounts of census data, in real-time.

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Nevine Hegazy

Head of IT Sector, CAPMAS


We are happy with Link Development dedication and excellence.

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Qumasha Abdelkarim Alrasasi

Dep. of Information Technology, DSCD, UAE


We have been working with Link Development for two years now.

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