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Run Surveys with Confidence

Continuous Customer Feedback is one of Today’s pillar for the organization’s strategic decisions. Survey Management is an intelligent survey management plugin in Dynamics 365 that radically provides a critical source of data and insights.

Digitalize End-to-End Surveys

Easy to Create

Creates Custom Surveys templates with different Languages, Sections, Question Types & Orders.

Maintain Confidentiality

Survey instance is an abstract in which Survey’s highest access user shall be able to create it. Within it User can specify to whom it is targeted, which survey and when.

Precise Targeting

Publishes for either anonymous respondents or users can precisely select the target audience based on the organization's accounts, contacts, and leads criteria.

Define Publishing Trigger

Publishes immediately to the selected target or can be scheduled on a specific date & time or based on a particular condition.

Flexibility and Integrations

Integrates smoothly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules and other systems.

Individual Responses

Analyzes responses on a profile level to maintain customer satisfaction separately.

Provides Powerful Reporting

Creates views, reports and dashboards using Dynamics 365 powerful capabilities.

Send Invitations and Reminders

Sends automatic notifications for survey invitations, follow up reminders, or based on defined conditions/criteria.

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