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Digitalize Your Investment Landscape

Open for Investments is a smart services platform that enables local and foreign investors to make quick and confident investment decisions.

Reengineer Investment Processes

Have our consultants reshape your business processes and data. Optimize the time and effort an investor takes to fulfill a service.

Unify Government Services

Integrate and consolidate all investment-related government services and procedures into one place and enable investors to pay online.

Build Multichannel Access

Amplify investment opportunities through an online portal, native mobile and tablet apps up to social media pages.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Use the power of robotics to automate mundane tasks and unload extra burden off staff and systems.

Explore Interactive Maps

Plot and compare investment opportunities by sector, location, competition, infrastructure, facilities and more.

Resolve Procedural Meshes

Put informative service catalogues and easily lay out laws and procedures that investors can use anytime, anywhere.

Strengthen Investor Relationship

Provide personalized and fully automated workspaces that keep track of all appointments, notifications and documents.

Ignite Competition

Build an investor dashboard with statistics and maps than include information about competition and markets of interest.

Engage Investors

Encourage collaboration with polls and surveys. Listen to investor's claims, complaints, grievances and suggestions.

Monitor Investment Growth

Use real-time reports, analytics, insights and geo-dashboards to monitor investors and investment opportunity's progress.

Add Chatbot Expereince

Have an AI-drive chatbot to answer investors questions and intelligently guide them through everything. Integrate the chatbot with call center for a harmonious experience.

Open for Investment

Turn complex, bureaucratic investment processes into an easy, smart digital journey.

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