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Modernize Justice Systems

Digital Courts is an intelligent Dynamics 365-based platform that modernizes court and legal case management at all judiciary levels to establish a more productive justice.

Craft a Prefect Justice System

Provide quicker, more transparent and more accessible justice to all. Create a sustainable system to avoid the risk of abrupt operational pauses and delays, similar to those the world has witnessed when COVID-19 hit.

Digitalize the Judiciary Ecosystem

Define all judiciary levels, including courts, circuits, case types, judges, staff, participates, working hours, court calendars, verdict types, appeals, associated charges and costs, and more through a powerful back-end. Configure the organizational structure and hierarchy, and assign permissions.

Automate Case Management

Create intelligent workflows that cover case lifecycle across your court ecosystem, from initiation, through proceedings to closure, no matter how interlocked they are. This includes filing new cases, fast-tracking cases, assigning cases to judges, routing cases to the right personnel, and transfers for appeals or other circuits or courts.

Build Complete Case Records

Create comprehensive case records with details including intelligent numbering, title, type, participants, date and location, claims, charges, fees, verdict, history and more. Ensure only authorized people have access to case data.

Provide Public Access

Boost the efficiency, speed and access to justice. Launch a public portal with a secure anywhere, anytime, and any device access to case information and services. Enable stakeholders to register themselves, e-file cases, attach documents, get copies of sentences, follow-up on cases, file complaints and more.

Ensure Fair Caseload

Enable automated, random, and manual scheduling, distribution and assignment of cases in accordance with the judicial calendar and required fairness rules.

Roll Out New eServices

Easily add and automate new processes and eServices using a platform that can be scaled in a short window of time.

Calculate Fees & ePay

Intelligently calculate cumulative court fees, fines, and waivers. Pay for the service in cash, or integrate with ePayment gateways for online payments.

Enable Remote Work

Enable authorized staff and judges to access case information and documentation, as permitted, to work on cases and accelerate case closure rates without the need to print documents or be physically present inside the courthouse.

Conduct Visual Virtual Hearings

Detangle courtrooms and streamline visits to courthouses. Conducting virtual hearings helps all stakeholders in abiding by social distancing, reducing transportation costs, and ensuring community safety.

Produce 360, AI-Driven Analytics

Create a central dashboard to monitor and access intelligent reports and analytics. Drill down case activities, KPIs, and financials in real-time. Segment case reports by case type, date, geography, status, and more.

Improve Services with Chatbots

Enable judiciary stakeholders to use an AI-driven chatbot to get answers for questions and fulfill other requests through the portal for increased satisfaction.

Secure System Access

Assign roles and responsibilities, set authentication rules, and ensure only authorized people have access to relevant functions.

Enable eDocument Handling

Attach different types of documents to the case record. Store, retrieve, and access case documents, securely. Integrate with 3rd party document management systems for comprehensive document management capacities.

Enjoy Easy User Experience

Make sure the digital justice platform is easy-to-use, has an attractive look & feel, and built with a smooth navigation experience in the languages of your preference.

Enable Secure Electronic Signature

Accelerate legal case progress and reduce paper consumption by adding secure eSignatures or integrate with your existing e-signature solution.

Ensure Automatic Data Audit and Validation

Prevent the entry of wrong and duplicate information to ensure data integrity across the whole system.

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