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Modernize Citizen Experiences

CitizenEver is a Dynamics 365-based platform that helps ministries, municipalities and governmental bodies to digitalize end-to-end citizen experiences.

Spark Citizen Trust with Remote Services

Integrate social distancing and remote work within daily practices. Provide inventive citizen experiences, close relationships, fast services anytime and anywhere.

Automate Government Processes

Automate, manage and control your internal and citizen-facing processes and workflows with ease and efficiency.

Build Citizen-Centric eServices

Automate the cycle of every service starting from request initiation till fulfillment, monitoring and extraction of KPIs over reports and dashboards. Enable self-service capacity.

Build Full Citizen Profiles

Create and continuously update 360-degrees profiles of citizens with personal information, list of activities, interactions, requests, tickets, surveys feedback and more.

Provide Multichannel Integrations

Create a one-stop-shop for citizens. Integrate with external solutions, backend systems, and other 3rd party service providers. Also integrate with different communication channels such as: call center/IVR, SMS & email, and social media.

Track Activities Inside-Out

Preserve the history citizen interactions and requests through logged calls, tasks and appointments.

Manage Cases & Requests

Manage and track the tickets of citizen’s inquires and complains. Set and monitor the service level agreement for the ticket to achieve highest rates of citizen satisfaction.

Conduct Field Inspections

Ensure compliance to high quality service delivery by implement full inspection and field service operations.

Deliver Notifications & Alerts

Always keep in touch with the citizens by sending configurable notifications templates and reminders.

Run Surveys

Get the feedback of citizens on certain topics or send satisfaction surveys after e-service closure.

Engage with Self-Service & Chatbots

Modernize the experience with self-service portal and intelligent citizen conversations with an AI-driven chatbot.

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