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Modernize Citizen Experiences

Build citizen-centric cities, reinvent government services, promote citizen well-being and create productive communities.

Digitalize Daily Engagements

For happier citizens, employees, societies and cities

Modernized Services

Build fast and easy-to-access eServices from web and mobile to fulfil the entire set of citizen needs.

Accelerated Productivity

Automate internal and citizen-facing business processes to serve citizens better and quicker.

Multichannel Experiences

Provide context-aware services at every citizen touchpoint, online, on mobile, by phone and on SMS without experience interruption.

Closer Relationships

Get to know your citizens, understand their behaviors, anticipate and fulfil their needs with better services and personalized marketing programs.

Unified Feedback

Listen to customer voice through surveys, complaints, call centers, chatbots and more. Respond effective and timely.

Extendable Services

Easily automate new processes and roll-out new services to meet citizen, community and society demands.

Evidence Based Decisions

Monitor internal operations, eServices performance, and citizen satisfaction with KPIs, reports and dashboards.

High Quality Standards

Implement full inspection and field service operations to insure compliance to highest performance standards.

On-Cloud and On-Prem

Meet the digital demands of IT policies. Implement the full fledged CitizenEver platform on-cloud or on-premises.

What’s New?

Citizen Outreach

Improving citizen outreach and engagement.

Alerts & Notifications

Set automatic reminders, service based alerts, customer profile alerts and penalty alerts.

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