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Tempo Business-Ready Intranet Enhances Organizational Collaboration

Friday, Jun 25, 2010

Automating HR and business cycles reduces administration & processing costs by as much as 93% According to IDC, employees spend on average 40% of their time searching for information, while only 20% of them find what they are looking for. Also, request cycles usually take weeks to complete and aren’t efficiently logged or traced causing employees to waste time on follow up. With Tempo, businesses can align and share information to encourage knowledge sharing across teams.

Deploying this business-ready intranet solution allows enterprises to work more efficiently, radically decreasing time and effort spent on daily work processes. Hanan Abdel Meguid, Chief Executive Officer of LINK Development, a leading software development powerhouse that launched Tempo, says: “Our solution is a business-ready intranet application that is implemented within a short time, while offering a wide array of tools and features that lead to enhanced organizational effectiveness and easier application extensibility.”

Many organizations have the tendency to waste paper, time and money on administration, as well as handling and distributing of documents. Research findings by Accenture, state that eliminating paper from travel and expense reporting reduces as much as 93% of administration and processing costs. With enhanced communication as one of its key benefits, Tempo promotes a self-service culture and automates request cycles resulting in increased employee satisfaction and significant ROI for businesses in no time.

According to Frost and Sullivan, 36% of an organization’s overall performance is driven by its ability to collaborate. Tempo is highly beneficial for businesses seeking to align their organization with a common vision and strategy, share core information in a centralized manner, streamline workflows and engage their employees. Developed to meet the most common goals of companies of all sizes, it entices continuous expansion and company-wide implementation. “With the continuous change in the business climate and economy, it becomes increasingly crucial for enterprises to tap into the power of online collaboration for added value benefits such as increasing employee engagement and reducing the size of employee/organization gap,” adds Hanan Abdel Meguid. The new solution enables employees to stay up to date with company’s developments and gives them the chance to voice their opinion in core issues through blogs, forums, polls, surveys and share documents efficiently. Also, because of its diverse features, employees focus more on their core jobs while deepening their sense of loyalty and engagement. Additionally, it allows businesses to standardize their practices and templates across teams and geographical boundaries.

“Tempo comes after years of developing and delivering intranets in the Middle East and Europe. This unrivalled experience allows us to provide companies with a business-ready intranet solution that has tools required to align and share information, streamline processes and promote collaboration and employee engagement,” concludes Hanan Abdel Meguid.

LINK Development has built an unparalleled track record of award-winning portals and intranet offerings for governments, leading local companies and large multinationals in the Middle East and Europe. Since its inception over a decade ago, the company has successfully delivered state-of-the-art intranet portals to a high profile clientele list that includes Qatar Investment Authority, Saudi Post, Abu Dhabi Investment Council, Qatar Foundation and WIND in Italy, just to name a few.

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