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Rest in Peace Khaled Bichara

Saturday, Feb 01, 2020

You will live forever in us!

It is with deep sorrow and heavy hearts to announce the sudden departure of our beloved leader and founder Khaled Bichara.

Khaled founded Link Egypt in 1996, with pioneering ideas to bring a workforce full of youth and passion towards a dream, believing in the capability to transform the technology and internet market in Egypt. Since then Khaled has transformed the entrepreneurship ecosystem and has became an iconic vibrant business man in different domains.

Khaled demonstrated a unique kind of leadership. Focusing on the team and culture, he exceptionally became a symbol of motivation, integrity, honesty and respect to everyone who knows him. He created a magical kind of organization and team, something beyond a business that just succeeded. He made the LINKAWEYA employment brand grow and expand, beyond just a single company.

Everyone who worked at LINK will understand what that young man did. He made everyone feel a member of a bigger family. He made everyone feel the success of one member is equal to the success of all. He induced an exceptional culture of leadership and accountability. He created a “politics free” business. He grounded respect in every single communication. He made everyone come to work happy and motivated. He built a generation of leaders to continue and excel in the journey ahead.

The LINKAWEYA BRAND is a living bond that grows and lives in every member of LINK family wherever they are.

Khaled is the source of inspiration for a whole generation. His legacy, his values and his bond will live forever in us. He made an impact with his leadership that will last forever.

We solidify our broken hearts to pray for his family for the massive loss.

The funeral will be held on Monday (3rd of February) in St.Mark Church (Cleopatra), Heliopolis at 12:00 PM. The consolation will be on the same day, in Saint Mary Church in Zamalek, Marashly from 6:00 PM.

May God rest his soul in peace and support us and his whole family in such a tough time.

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