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Press Releases

LINK Development Helps in Rolling-out Orange Egypt’s Digital Transformation from Mobinil Brand

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016

“LINK Development”, the leading technology solutions provider, announced that it has successfully helped in carrying out the digital transformation of “Orange Egypt”, in a record time, using latest technologies.

LINK Development has delivered the giant telecom, a new integrated, service-rich, online portal as well as an updated mobile application; launching both to about 33.4 million customers under the new brand name of ‘Orange’ instead of ‘Mobinil’; without any service disruption while meeting the official brand launch date in Egypt.
In this project, LINK Development has upgraded the technological infrastructure of the web portal to provide customers with richer features such as a more powerful e-commerce experience and a faster, more efficient billing process. The company has delivered the new portal with a new user interface and a much easier navigation that complies with the international user experience and usability standards mandated by Orange.

Built to be responsive, the new portal works seamlessly across all types of desktops, smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, the mobile application that serves a huge customer base has also been redesigned by LINK Development with the new brand “My Orange” and published in different application stores.

Mr. Amin Azab, Managing Director; ‘LINK Development’ stated “This is an exciting experience! We have helped “Orange Egypt” in creating a strong, distinctive and modern digital presence; with excellence and in time. We appreciate that “Orange” is a telecom giant that acknowledges that value of technology and quality. I also take pride in the team at ‘LINK Development’, he continued, “Our teams spared no effort to deliver a smooth, uninterrupted digital rebranding process using lest technologies and techniques that ensure that Orange’s online touchpoints are totally stable, secure, and available round the clock for around 33.4 million ‘Orange Egypt’ customers.”

It is worth noting that ‘LINK Development’ has more than 500 success stories in providing digital portal solutions to several governmental institutions and private companies in Egypt and the Middle East.

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