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Press Releases

LINK Development celebrates the launch of Mauritius e-Governement portal!

Monday, Mar 25, 2013

After more than a year of hard work, LINK Development celebrated the official launch of Mauritius e-Government portal at a press conference attended by the Mauritian Minister of ICT. During the conference, LINK Development was recognized for developing a whole of a government platform that consists of the government’s internet and intranet portals.

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LINK Development has optimized the new e-Government platform to provide a complete set of portals for all government ministries as well as an advanced search powered by Fast and a large set of e-services. It inlcudes 130 internet and 25 intranet portals for the different ministries and government entities. It also includes an automated workflow managment system which will enable the goverment to deliver faster e-services to users as well as reduce operation costs for providing those services. The new platform used modern technolgy of SharePoint and K2 and according to the latest standards with the aim to achieve higher ranking for Mauritius in the Government Development Index (GDI) and E-Participation Index, to help attract more foreign investment to the country.

“ It has been a great pleasure working with such an amazing TEAM who showed exceptional commitment, unique spirit and achieved outstanding results J Thanks for making us all PROUD!”, says Mayada Zakaria, Mauritius e-Government Project Manager.

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