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EGYPTAIR Wins “Amadeus Mobile Achievement Award” for Its Mobile Portal, Developed and Built by LINK Development

Wednesday, Sep 18, 2013

(Cairo- 9 September, 2013) – EGYPTAIR Mobile Portal, developed and implemented by LINK Development, a leading provider of integrated software solutions across the Middle-East and a subsidiary of OTVentures (a pioneering digital and technology solutions provider for both online and mobile platforms), has recently been recognised for its unique mobile booking experience on smartphones at the Airline Ecommerce & Mobile conference 2013.

The airline has won the Amadeus Mobile Achievement Award for yielding the biggest airline ratio between number of visitors and their mobile booking, which reached seven per cent, versus a three per cent global average ratio for the airline industry.

Salah Kadri, E-Commerce Manager of EGYPTAIR said: “We are honored to have achieved the world record in mobile booking, which is more than double the global rate of three per cent. This tremendous uptake of mobile booking on EGYPTAIR’s mobile portal reflects the customer-centric experience embedded in every single function featured on it. LINK Development has built a seamless, personalized experience that is consistent and user-friendly, which led to high business conversion rates, more than double that of the industry”. The EGYPTAIR Mobile Portal provides travelers with a convenient and secure way to conduct their transactions.

Rania el Daly, Development Manager of LINK Development, an OT Ventures subsidiary, said: “EGYPTAIR has early on recognized the ever-increasing importance of e-commerce and has subsequently adopted a robust digital strategy that allows it to compete in this highly aggressive and dynamic industry. Through the Mobile Portal, EGYPTAIR now offers its products and services on additional digital touch points, such as mobile. LINK Development is proud to have assisted EGYPTAIR in creating a winning solution that mobilizes and personalizes its travelers’ experiences, increases their loyalty and helps the airline win market and mind share. The Amadeus Award reflects business results that were achieved through the functionality of the portal.” “Our focus should always be on our travelers,” said Salah Kadri. “For us, to be able to support our travelers on the latest mobile devices, such as IPhone, BlackBerry, and Android phones, was critical. We’re thrilled that the Amadeus Award has recognized EGYPTAIR’s Mobile Portal for our customer-focused approach that enhances our travelers’ experience.”

EGYPTAIR mobile portal provides travelers with a variety of captivating features and functionalities to enjoy and use EGYPTAIR services in an easy way. These services include: Flight booking service , Check in , modify and manage the booking details ( selecting and modifying the seat, meal , traveler details ) , Flight status information , as well as checking the latest offers , baggage information , time table and more. The new mobile portal offers EGYPTAIR customers cross-platform applications that are efficient and economical and can be used with multiple devices.

Hany Moussa, Service Delivery Manager, from LINK Development explained: “The growing online, mobile and tablet business has come high on the list of priorities for airlines around the world. We are proud of our long-standing partnership with EGYPTAIR, which goes back to over seven years. The airline was an early adopter of e-commerce and has been constantly re-inventing itself to embrace the quick pace of change in the industry in order to remain at the forefront. Today’s award affirms EGYPTAIR’s global leadership in the airlines’ online business.”

EGYPTAIR, a member of Star Alliance, has witnessed an expansion in capacity and a growing number of users. “The decision to embrace a dynamic online strategy that offers discerned travelers exceptional mobile shopping solutions that are quick and easy to use has paid off. It has supported and propelled our business expansion plans. The LINK Development team was completely aligned with our strategy and understood our business model, hence were able to develop an attractive Mobile Portal that enables users to plan a trip, book a flight, modify the booking details and select and modify the seat, in addition to most of other features and services that are already accessed through the website,” Salah Kadri, EGYPTAIR added.

“All this, in addition to the positive feedback and impressions received by clients, indicates that the Mobile Portal has become one of the most efficient tools to increase EGYPTAIR’s revenue and to showcase the company’s products and services”, he concluded.

The mobile portal is based on SharePoint and .Net keeping the friendly usage and compatibility on most of phones types, platforms and models. EA mobile portal is currently supported on IPhones, BlackBerry, and Android phones in two languages, English and Arabic, with a plan to add five more languages in the near future.

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