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Sunday, Nov 09, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online uses the cloud to improve workflow management, ensure security, and maintain operational flexibility. Microsoft Dynamics CRM online gives businesses customer relationship management over the Internet with anywhere access to help sales, marketing, and customer care teams work together to deliver personal experiences across every interaction.

Why Dynamics CRM Online?

  • No investment in hardware and software license fees.
  • Pay as you go.
  • Anywhere, Anytime access
  • Less time to get your CRM system up and running .
  • Security
  • No cost of CRM software, license maintenance & servers
  • Seamless user experience across sales, marketing & customer processes regardless of device, browser & location.
  • Flexible platform adapts to manage virtually any business relationship & process
  • Works with Microsoft Office 365 to combine CRM with the benefits of document libraries, instant messaging, video conferencing & hosted Exchange.

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