Link Development a Top CRM Consultant in The Manifest

Wednesday, Aug 24, 2022

Link Development Makes Impact With Latest High-Rated Review

Our goal for almost three decades is to drive the business transformation of our customers by delivering integrated, inventive and digitally productive experiences. Our efforts included building a highly skilled team that continuously push the boundaries on how to make our services more effective.

This approach has contributed to our longevity and ensure that we always get highly-rated reviews and feedback from our clients.

Link Development Top CRM Consultant The Manifest

The company we worked with for this project is a government organization that provides non-financial support to SMEs. Due to the nature of their company, they didn’t have a lot of flexibility to hire technical personnel and needed a partner to develop and enhance their platform.

Our team had worked with this client on a past project and we were top of mind when the opportunity for this new engagement came up. The main responsibility for this project was working on their various platforms. These include a mobile application available for Android and iOS, a web-based application, and a technology-driven product.

While we can’t go into too much detail about the exact processes we used, those interested can read the full review on our Clutch profile. There is one development that we want to discuss, which came about as a result of this review getting published.

The high score that this review gave us, apparently pushed us over the top and helped us get listed on The Manifest as one of their top CRM Consultants list. The Manifest is a B2B platform that connects SMEs with their ideal project partners by creating rankings of the top-performers in every industry.

Our inclusion in this list does a lot of heavy lifting in raising our status in our field. The list serves as an additional high-traffic page where potential clients can discover our services. Our relatively high placement on the ranking also quickly establishes the quality of our services and the expertise our team possesses. Finally, it serves as a great morale booster for our team. It’s one thing to say we are one of the best, but to see where we actually are in a highly competitive industry is something else.

If you want to learn more about the services we offer and how they can positively impact your operations by visiting our website. For any questions or inquiries regarding our process and how we work, don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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