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Link Development Launches "The Crafty Minds Blog"

Tuesday, Jan 08, 2019

Extending knowledge, experience and passion to communities of fellow geeks, digital savvies and customers

Link Development, a global technology solutions provider and an A15 company, announced today that it has launched its first-ever, official blog “The Crafty Minds Blog” on Tuesday 8th of January 2019.

With the advent of 2019, the company is delighted to launch The Crafty Minds Blog as a new step that aims to extend the knowledge, experience and passion of its teams of professionals to regional and global communities of fellow geeks, digital savvies and customers.

The blog covers three main categories: business, inspiration and technology. Every category discusses a diversity of topics and is carefully written by the company’s passionate gurus who are keen on crafting engaging messages across multiple disciplines. The topics range from very basic to very advanced to meet the needs of a wide range of audience and benefit them as much as possible.

The company is inviting the digital communities out there to read the blog’s articles, express their opinion with likes and comments in addition to sharing articles of interest on different social media channels.

Link Development extends its thanks to every blogger who took the time to research and write an article that can add true value to others.

To access the blog, click here. Readers can login using their preferred social network to start engaging with the posts and bloggers.

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