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Digital Transformation in Tax & Revenue Management

Sunday, Jan 21, 2018
24-25 Jan 2018

In partnership with our digital taxation partners, WedoIT and SmartCloud, we are participating in Microsoft's flagship "Digital Transformation in Taxes and Revenue Management" workshop held in Dubai from 24-25 Jan 2018. 

During the workshop, we will be presenting our latest tax and fraud management solutions that help regional tax administrations in the Middle East to face a whopping tax evasion that can spike from 50% to 70% of total tax; as well as helping tax authorities in Africa to control wrong tax returns and fraud that cost over $50 billion yearly.

Throughout multiple case studies, event attendees will see the proven success of our digital taxation solutions on Microsoft Azure and on-prem across the globe. They will learn how to effiently, securly and rapidly transform their tax collection processes, improve the relationship between tax authorities and tax payers, establish a fair tax environment and prevent fraud; while increasing tax revenue critically needed to finance quality public services and mega national projects.  

We will present, with our partner WedoIT soltuions, how our cutting-edge Digital Taxation solution will enable regional countires do taxes the right way.

We will aslo present, with our partner SmartCloud, how our flagship Tax Intelligence and Fraud Prevention solution will enable regional tax authorities to bridge the tax revenue gap with confidence.  

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