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Published : Sunday, Mar 26, 2023

Principle Project Manager - Egypt

Department: Digital Services

Type: Full Time


• A proven Experience as a Software Developer is a must.

• A Bachelor's degree in information technology, software development management, software engineering, computer science, or a related field.

• Strong technical background is a must

• Previous experience as technical lead is preferable

• Excellent Command of English is Mandatory

• Proven experience in project management and software development.

• Good working knowledge of project estimation techniques.

• Excellent technical knowledge.

• Good leadership, decision-making, and organization skills.

• Strong attention to detail and multi-tasking skill


• Discussing potential projects and their parameters with clients, executives, and software developers.
• Excellent knowledge of Scrum and Agile methodology and deep knowledge in projects management disciplines • Planning out the blueprints for software projects, including defining the scope, allocating resources, setting deadlines, laying out communication strategies, and indicating tests and maintenance.
• Assembling and leading the project team.
• Participating in and supervising each stage of the project.
• Ensuring each project stays on schedule and adheres to the deadlines.
• Creating a project budget and ensuring the project adheres to the budget as closely as possible.
• Determining and overseeing consistent testing, evaluation, and troubleshooting of all products in all stages of completion.
• Tracking milestones, deliverables, and change requests. • Serving as a liaison to communicate information regarding changes, milestones reached, and other pertinent information.
• Delivering completed software products to clients and performing regular checks on the products' performance

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